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Un masque pour carnaval d’enfant « Chat », en carton pressé,

The shadow box I made for my pressed pennies. I have been collecting them since 1996 and kept them in a box. It is nice to have them out on display.

Many Disney fanatics have learned that pressed pennies make a great souvenir of their vacations to the Disney World Resort. At a cost of only 51 cents per pressed penny, it is an economical souvenir. The various buttons and cranks that the machines have make it a fun interactive experience as well. (I’m still partial…

Disneyland (Disneyland Park)

Disneyland squished pressed Pennies board on a 24" x 24" canvas painted black. Display

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Walt Disney World Pressed Penny/Coin Check List and Guide

Pressed Penny Checklist for Walt Disney World

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Souvenir Pressed Penny Bracelet disney crafts for adults #disney

Pressed Penny Jewelry

How to insert a pressed penny into the machine - 1. Start with a Pre-1982 penny. Pennies made before 1982 were primarily copper while pennies after 1982 are made primarily of zinc with a copper coating. When the pennies are pressed, the zinc shows through. This may not bother you, but after having both, I know I prefer the copper look. 2. Polish your pennies with a good polishing paste prior to pressing so they’re nice and shiny. 3. To ensure that you press your penny on the right side…

Cool way to present your Disney World pressed pennies.

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Best Way To Clean Pennies Test – Find out which way works BEST!

With our upcoming trip to Disney I knew I had to get my pennies ready for the press penny machines that my daughter loves. Check out here to learn how I will be storing my pennies for my Disney trip (inset link here). When I used to the pressed pennies I would try to use the […]

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Fée des dents cadeau • cuivre • Tooth Fairy Collection • fée • pressé Penny

Cadeau de la petite souris à la place d'une pièce