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Native American. I am sorry but I have to say this. Holy shit this guy is hot!! I feel better now.


Cherokee WomanIn 1838, the Cherokee people were forcibly removed from their lands in the Southeastern United States to the Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) in the Western United States. In the same year of 1838 only about 2,000 Cherokee had left their homes in Georgia. It took Winfield Scott and his army to forcibly kick people out of their homes and home land, which was an order at the time by President Martin Van Buren,[15] which resulted in the deaths of approximately 4,000…

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Les portraits d’Indiens de Frank A. Rinehart

portrait indien reinhart usa ancien 09 Les portraits d’Indiens de Frank A. Rinehart photo histoire featured

Water is the most valuable resource in the world today, more important and precious than any other. Conserve and respect the ecosystems of our ancestors and respect the rights of mother earth or you may become subject to her law.