My Aunt Debbie served this last weekend and it was amazing.  She used 1 bag of Red and 1 bag of Green Grapes.
Recipe For  Crunchy Apple and Grape Salad

Crunchy Apple and Grape Salad

Mexican Cornbread Salad - this is amazing and such a fun twist on normal salads
Grape Salad    5 lbs. red grapes ( or other fruit)    8 oz cream cheese  8 oz sour cream  4 oz cool whip  3/4 cup brown sugar  1 tsp vanilla    Mix together cream cheese, sour cream, cool whip, brown sugar and vanilla until creamy.  Pour over fruit and mix.
Need a surefire hit for your next social gathering? Try this delicious & easy Grape Salad! Everyone will ask you for the recipe!

Grape Salad

Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken - Fast and easy to prepare! A quick, easy chicken recipe for days when you dont want to spend time in the kitchen.
This Strawberry Pecan Pretzel Salad is a MUST at all of our holiday celebrations. Try sharing this salad with friends and everyone will want the recipe!

Strawberry Pecan Pretzel Salad

Mexican Coleslaw- adding the Black Bean and Corn Salsa really gives this coleslaw a great flavor, pinning for summer picnics!
Renee's Kitchen Adventures: Jiffy Corn Dog Mini Muffins

Jiffy Corn Dog Mini Muffins