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Today is the feast day of St Jerome who retired to the desert to lead a life of prayer & penance, and befriended a lion by removing a thorn from its paw. This tempera & oil painting on panel from the circle of Giovanni Bellini, on display in Gallery 43, shows the saint reading in a rocky wilderness (with the lion behind the rocks). In the background is a landscape typical of the northern Veneto. Devotional images were often given specific local settings to help with prayer and meditation.

San Damiano Cross - just who are those little figures?


Mystics of the Church: Intercession of St Therese in the lives of six Mystics


Saint Gianna Beretta Molla


Novena to St Rita - Patron of the Impossible


signum-crucis: “M. le Curé,” his missionary said to him one day, “If God were to give you your choice of going directly to Heaven, or remaining here on earth to labour for the conversion of sinners, what would you do?” “I think I would remain here.” “Oh! M. le Curé, is it possible? The Saints are so happy in Heaven!” “That is true, but they can no longer glorify God, as we can, by sacrifices for the salvation of souls.”


Saint Charbel In 1950, Father George Webby, a Maronite priest from Scranton, visited Lebanon, took a photo of monks outside the wall of the monastery in which St. Charbel had lived and upon development of the picture saw that St. Charbel miraculously appeared with the monks, according to information provided by St. Anthony’s Church.


On hearing St. Bridget, Jesus promised His Most Holy Mother He would grant three special graces to those who invoke that holy name with confidence: first, He would grant them perfect sorrow for their sins; secondly, that their crimes should be atoned for; and, thirdly, that He would give them strength to attain perfection, and at length the glory of paradise. And then our Divine Savior added: "For thy words, O My Mother, are so sweet and agreeable to Me, that I cannot deny what thou askest."


St Lucy is the patron saint for eyes prayer to Saint Lucy,


Saint Zoe of Rome, Roman Catholic Martyr. She was greatly devoted to St Peter, and was praying by his tomb when she was arrested for her faith. She died, stifled by smoke, being hung by her own hair, over a fire. Her body then was thrown into the River Tiber. Feastday: July 5