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Paisley Terrier: Describing the Paisley Terrier in 1894, Rawdon Lee wrote that "though he can kill rats, and maybe other vermin, the Paisley Terrier is essentially a pet dog, and is usually kept as such." The breed was primarily a pet, and it was also a popular showdog. The Paisley Terrier was the progenitor of today's Yorkshire Terrier.

Paisley Terrier - Dog Breed Standards

Paisley Terrier, an extinct dog breed from the UK

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Ten notable extinct dog breeds

Ten notable extinct dog breeds: Paisley Terrier - Originally from Paisley, Scotland, this small dog resembles today’s Yorkshire Terrier. A show dog and a devoted companion, this silky-coated dog insisted upon both togetherness and attention, and would bark or exhibit depression if left alone too long. #PaisleyTerrier #DogBreeds

scottie terrier - You cannot get 3 Scotties to all pose at the same time without hours of patients.

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These Strange Extinct Dog Breeds Are Rarely Talked About, But Deserve To Be Remembered

Paisley Terrier aka "silky". Ancestor of the Yorkshire Terrier