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Oxford City Nomads

The Cabman’s Shelter Fund was created by newspaper publisher Sir George Armstrong to supply drivers with a place to get out of the cold and enjoy a cheap meal without straying from the cab stand. Because the shelters stood on a public highway, the police stipulated they weren’t allowed to be any larger than a horse and cart. The first shelter, erected in 1875, was located on the stand nearest his house (in Oxford St). At their peak, there were more than 60 in London; 13 survive today.

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You Don't Have to Stick to Pumps — Why Not Try a Leather Oxford?

You Don't Have to Stick to Pumps — Why Not Try a Leather Oxford?

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Oxford Travel Guide

Visiting Oxford and the University while traveling in England

Oxford University Area - Oxford is known as the "City of Spires" most of which belong to the university. The colleges lie within fairly easy walking distance from the city centre and are some of the best preserved architectual treasures of Britain. Some of these colleges you are able to take a guided tour through, highly recommended if you are interested in history.

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The Best Cities to Travel Alone

Ready to see the world? Do it on your own time line! For the ultimate in indulgent travel, take a solo adventure. There are few things as liberating and exciting as traveling alone. See exactly what you want to see, maximize every moment, and open yourself up to experiences that you would have never had traveling with friends or family. Feeling inspired? Get out there!

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The 9 Best Market Stalls — From Brixton To Portobello Road

The 9 Best Market Stalls — From Brixton To Portobello Road For vintage croc bags