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Feral Children. For two centuries, wild children have been the subjects of fascinating study. Raised without love or social interaction, wild or feral children pose the question ‘what is it that makes us human?’ Since Oxana’s discovery, scientists have looked for clues in the handful of other recorded cases of feral children in their efforts to rehabilitate her.
Oxana Malaya, the Ukranian Dog Girl. Left to live in a kennel by her abusive and neglectful parents from the ages of 3 to 8, Oxana Malaya grew up with no other company than the dogs she shared the kennel with. When she was found in 1991, she was unable to speak, choosing only to bark, and ran around on all fours. Now in her 20s she has found some peace caring for cows that reside on a farm near the mental institution where she lives.
Oxana Malaya, found in 1991 in Ukraine.  Abandoned by her alcoholic parents, Oxana spent most of her life living with dogs. She growled, barked and crouched like a wild dog, sniffed at her food before she ate it, and was found to have acquired extremely acute senses of hearing, smell, and sight.
Feral children Oxana Mal
Oxana Malaya, Ukraine, 1991 (Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten) :BOOK "Savage Girls And Wild Boys: A History Of Feral Children", BY Michael Newton
Oxana Malaya, a neglected child raised by dogs, Ukraine, 1991. Staged Photography to tells a story (Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten)
Oxana Malaya, Ukraine, 1991