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On Va Sortir Vannes

As soon as you can SAFELY exit your home (the shaking has stopped!), then you probably want to go shut off the gas main ...

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The 10 Best Cars of the 1980's

Audi Quattro. The European model was ultimately equipped in 1989 with a 2.2L 20-valve DOHC turbocharged inline 5 producing a potent (well, for the 80’s, anyway) 217bhp – with power going to all 4 wheels. The Quattro could reach a top speed of 143 mph and had force choke-like grip to ensure quick entry and exits in corners. Sadly, the North American models were nerfed due to emissions regulations, and so buyers would want a Euro-spec or a tuned up domestic model

Bialetti - Brikka stove top espresso maker. I couldn't live without mine.

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