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Offre Emploi Suisse

Allemagne : pôle emploi lui offre un travail dans une maison close

Elle ne s'attendait pas vraiment à une telle orientation professionnelle. Une jeune Allemande de 19 ans en recherche d'emploi a reçu une propositio...

Record de l'offre d'emploi en Suisse

Le Mozambique va acheter à Trafigura 630 000 tonnes de produits pétroliers pour la livraison de décembre à mai.La société basée en Suisse a émis la meilleure offre parmi les huit soumissionnaires, parmi lesquels son concurrent direct Glencore ou encore l’Independent Petroleum Group koweitien. Importateur exclusif du Mozambique de carburant, Imopetro, cherchait 480 000 tonnes diesel de 500 ppm de soufre, 110 000 tonnes d’essence 93-octane et 40 000 tonnes de kérosène.

Bitcoin Prices Rise And Banks Renationalize While Bitcoin is worth more today than at any other time in its history with the exception of 11 days in the banking sector it is as usual - money lost insecurity and bailouts The week Last the nationalization of two banks seen by governments one the oldest bank in the world. Several others were sentenced to a fine for setting interest rates with JPMorgan Chase obliged to pay nearly $ 33 million in Switzerland. Italy predicts domino effect Italy is…

The origin of this picture is from Starbucks Pinterest page. It is their way of…

Parental Leave Revolution Moves From Tech To Banking

This Pillow Will Help You Grab a Powernap in the Office

Ostrich Pillow - I hope they actual make this.

Now The Gibson Guitar Raids Make Sense

IRS Scandal: Now The Gibson Guitar Raids Make Sense - Gibson described as "two hostile raids on its factories by agents carrying weapons and attired in SWAT gear where employees were forced out of the premises, production was shut down, goods were seized as contraband and threats were made that would have forced the business to close." Read More At Investor's Business Daily…

Before You Start Negotiating Your #Swiss Salary… #Switzerland #Careers #Jobs


Patek Philippe Electronic World Time Tower Clock (1971) The largest and oldest of its kind ever made, this remarkable and rare 22-module time tower was created by Patek Philippe of Geneva. Part of the highly regarded and technologically advanced Patek Philippe Electronic Clock System, this time tower was specially crafted for the Parliament Building in Bern/Switzerland. With this module-style time tower system, Parliament could guarantee complete time synchronization in multiple locations…