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Craft and create a brand that captures the essence of my characteristic design style and all it entails. A new identity to be represented by in the professional design industry. The brand was to be applied through to stationery set and an online and offli…


Chris Offli, Inwards and Onwards, b/w photo, 2011, 146 x 146 cm (Edition 6+2 AP) by Anton Corbijn


Chris Offli. 'In Ofili's work the rhythmic patterning of painterly and cultural elements - sacred and profane, personal and political, from high and low culture - plays on ideas of beauty while also carrying messages about black culture, history and exoticism' Victoria Miro Gallery

Updated: Microsoft's chat bot is yanked offline after Twitter users warp it with racism - Update: A Microsoft spokesperson has provided us with the following statement, responding to speculation as to why Tay was taken down: "The AI chatbot Tay is a machine learning project, designed for human engagement. It is as much a social and cultural experiment, as it is technical....

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