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Oeuf De Cafard

rouge gorge dans la tempête de neige


L'Astuce Magique Pour Séparer le Jaune d'Oeuf du Blanc en 5 Secondes.

Besoin de séparer le blanc d'oeuf du jaune ? C'est vrai que c'est indispensable pour faire une bonne mayonnaise ou monter des blancs en neige. Voici une astuce magique pour le faire sans jamais casse

Prehistoric Insects in the Jurassic Period

Tying in insects to dinosaurs Also insects hatch from eggs! What Insects Lived in the Age of Dinosaurs?

cockroach types south africa - Google Search

Japanese earthenware time capsules contain 4,300-year-old cockroach egg case impressions

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Black Eggs, Cockroaches and Hakone

Black Eggs, Cockroaches and Hakone · Kenton de Jong Travel -Highway


natural pesticides

A Loving Touch Triggers Cockroaches to Make Babies Faster

That loving feeling. Cockroach makes babies faster when touched.

Never Lick Postage or Envelopes:A girl licked envelopes and postage stamps and cut her tongue. A week later, her tongue was swollen but not sore; a doctor found nothing wrong. A few days later, it swelled more and got so sore that she could not eat. An x-ray showed a lump. The doctor cut her tongue for minor surgery; a live cockroach crawled out! There were cockroach eggs on the seal of the envelope (they eat the glue.)The egg hatched inside her tongue since saliva is warm & moist.