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Nourriture Riche En Résidu

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Quels sont les aliments les plus alcalinisants

Aliments classés selon l’indice PRAL (Alcalinisants (-) et Acidifiants (+)) Pour une bonne santé, une proportion d’au moins 70% d’aliments alcalinisants est recommandée. Voir la liste ci-dessous sour forme de tableau • Persil lyophilisé : -108.65 • Cerfeuil (déshydraté) : -92.40 • Basilic (déshydraté) : -85.36 • Persil (déshydraté) : -81.49 • Aneth (désydraté) : …


Crohn's Disease Diet Plan: Foods to Avoid, Low-Residue Diet, and More

Many of the foods that we commonly eat, even in a healthy diet, are what are called “high-residue” foods. This means that these particular foods, when being digested, leave a lot behind for bacteria to feed on, and when bacteria feed and proliferate, they ferment. When bacteria is fermenting in your gut, the result can be bloating, cramping and gas. So what kind of foods have a tendency to ferment more or ferment faster than others?

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Roast chicken with Mushroom and Thyme Orzo pasta: Low residue diet and high lactose intolerance friendly

Yummy low residue recipes for those who love food


No, this isn’t one of those recipes to help you lose weight. This one is for the picky eater in your house…especially your picky eating special needs child. A few months ago I shared that one of my children is on the spectrum. PDD-NOS, to be specific. Following that post, many of you reached out expressing…

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13 Best Foods for Crohn’s Disease

13 Best Foods for Crohn’s Disease:: * Roasted red peppers * Brilliant and super-tasty, roasted peppers—with skins removed—are delicious, nutritious, and safe for people with Crohn’s to eat, Dalessandro says. Add them to a salad, slip them into a sandwich, or even use them as a soup garnish. But see how they affect your digestion; they may not be for everyone. “For me peppers have always been a really bad food,”says McDonald.


Wonder what diverticulitis foods to avoid? Here’s important information about diet for diverticulitis, including foods to eat and avoid

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What Foods Are Good for Thyroid Function?

tips for hypothyroidism