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Nigerian Cuisine: Amala: served with yam porridge or a variety of soups

plantain pottage | Nigerian Food

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Dobbys Signature: Nigerian food blog | Nigerian food recipes | African food blog: Nigerian Egg roll

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Eru Soup(Spinach/Okazi leaves)

Cuisine Africaine,Manger,Recettes Camerounaises,Morsures Immaculées,Délicieux,Eru Soup,Afang Soup,Leaves Traditional,Traditional Meals

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Of course no event can be complete without my local meal; iyan and egusi soup

Jollof Rice (a Nigerian party pillaf)

Gizdodo recipe,Nigerian Gizdodo recipe,dodo gizzards, Gizzards and Plantains

Nigerian plantain porridge by Nigerian Food tv

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Ekwang ( Ekpang Nkukwo )

Ekwang! Time consuming but well worth the taste!

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African food, Nigerian food Jollof Rice. Baked Jollof Rice by Pearlsa, via Flickr