SCIENCE SKILL SET.... Scientific Method & Inquiry, Graphing, Scientific Notation , Metric System, Measurements, Density and Knowing Your Scientific Tools ............ wonderful list of resources for learning these.

NASA Space Math...has worksheets, Scientific Notation for example. Bottom of page.

Scientific Notation Examples

Introduction to scientific notation | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy - YouTube

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Use after Inv. 1 with P.16 (#4-11) Introduction to scientific notation | Scientific notation | Khan Academy

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Les unités de mesure en astronomie dobservation. Plan Notation scientifique Unités de mesure –Distance –Masse –Vitesse –Temps Mesure angulaire.

A collection of resources for teaching Scientific Notation. Scientific Notation is one of those things I don't at all remember learning. I mean, it must have happened somewhere along the line, but where that was is a complete mystery. Maybe it was during those foggy junior high years when I was much more concerned about the height of my hair and keeping my skirts from clinking to my pantyhoes. Anyway, when a teacher asked me last year to make her some some Scientific Notation pennants, I…

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Stuck on a math problem, this cite can help showing you step-by-step how to solve it. Other great family activities from Discovery Education.

This paper chain activity is designed to strengthen students skill in converting…

There are 40 math task cards that give your students practice in rewriting numbers in scientific notation. Student worksheet and answer key included. Aligned with CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.EE.A.4+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Did you know.... You can earn TpT credits to use toward future purchases by providing feedback for paid products. (Feedback on free products is also greatly appreciated!) Follow me to receive notifications when new products are posted.

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