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Well here it is Lol my before and after pictures. I have just started my next set of 4 wraps so i will post more before and after pics once they are completed. I lost 7 inches under the bust, 4 inches at the 2 inch mark above the belly button and 3 inches at the belly button mark! .......The before picture was done on a white background and was kinda blurry so i filled it in black to give a better pic of how my tummy looked Went to these guys for my bellybutton after another place in Tampa messed it up =(


Crochet for Barbie (the belly button body type): White Shell Hat


Tractor belly button ring its kinda blurry but I think it still looks cute


Judy Chicago


What Size Is The Baby In Pregnancy Week 32? By far the best part is finding out the size of that little baby in your belly so without further adieu: Coconut. Get out!? You are doing fantastic! That means the baby is getting to be about 19 inches long and almost four pounds. What Does Baby Look Like? That little baby is starting to get a little bit of fat forming under the skin. That helps to give the skin less of a transparent look. In addition to giving those sweet baby rolls. Hopefully…

As your pregnancy is progressing week by week you constantly want to know whats going on with your baby at all times. Plus you also want to know what is happening with your body that week and how to relieve symptoms you experience. At week 22 youre already halfway through your pregnancy which can already be considered as a significant accomplishment. Throughout this article were going to discuss week 22 of pregnancy and what happens at this stage. Whats going on with your baby? As…

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