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Nikki Sixx is my all time fantasy! 53 or not! i love him so much i named my son Gunner cuz he did :)

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So this is my new mantra. I put that down on a post it and stuck it right to my mirror. Fuck yeah.

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nikki sixx e vince neil.:).Did.G.

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Child from Santa Rita village of returnees, Peten, Guatemala.

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RT @NikkiSixx: Hey @FFDP and @Shinedown..THANK YOU FUCKERS FOR TAKING @SixxAM on tour this fall. LETS RIP IT UP.

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Nikki Sixx holding the Heroin Diaries Guitar. #art #music

The Terror Twins: Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee of Motley Crue <3

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These hands are scarred and marked up from years of toil and sea salt

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Life is beautiful and it can be gone in a moment never forget how blessed we are to have each and every single day that we wake up and live

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