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nicolas joseph cugnot retromobile 2011 (Salon Retromobile 2011)


Joseph Cugnot, automobile, 1771 FARDIER CUGNOT ════════════════════════════ ☞ Gαвy-Féerιe ѕυr ALιттleMαrĸeт ☞ FrenchJewelryVintage on Etsy ☞ Bijoux / Jewelry sur Tumblr

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Exhibition du 23 mars 2013 du Fardier de Cugnot sur la place ronde de Toul.Il a ete invente et conçu par l ingenieur militaire Nicolas-Joseph CUGNOT en 1769


1771 Historical illustration depicting the crash of Nicolas Joseph Cugnot's steam-powered car into a stone wall.


A replica of Nicolas Joseph Cugnots steam-powered car, circa 1770 - Capharnaum Steampunk

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Who Invented the Steam Car?

Old Engraving depicting the 1771 crash of Nicolas Joseph Cugnot's steam powered car

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