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Mold removal spray ~ 50% white vinegar, 50% distilled water & 1 tsp tea tree essential oil for every cup made. Spray on & leave. (She used 80/20 mix)


La vodka peut faire plus que de vous accompagner le temps d'une soirée. Elle sait se rendre utile. Voici comment: Photo Flickr par Karola Riegler Pour enlever des étiquette

Make your own Eco-Cleaner. If you got mold in the house, then skip the harsh chemicals and eliminate it with cloves. Clove oil can reduce existing outbreaks and prevent future ones in affected spots. Mix ½ tea spoon clove oil +2 cups of water and use it to spray or scrub susceptible spots like shower walls, outdoor cushions. Be Balanced. Be Natural. Be You. – Omved

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How Do I Clean Black Mold in Shower Silicone

How Do I Clean Black Mold in Shower Silicone? Fill spray bottle 2/3 full of white vinegar and add 2 tsp. of baking soda. Allow the fizzing to die down before installing the sprayer top. Spray the shower silicone and mold and allow the mixture to set for about an hour. This will kill the mold spores and keep them from continuing to grow and spread. Use an old toothbrush. Scrub all of the silicone and rinse it with very hot water.

3/4 C de bicarbonate de soude + 1/4 C Javel = une sorte de pâte, à mettre sur les joints et laisser poser 5 minutes avant de frotter avec une vieille brosse à dents


How To Remove Mildew. I used the vinegar on my shower today. It worked so well! I will be using this from now on.