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Nerfs crâniens : définition

Le bulbe rachidien (nerfs crâniens)

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Charles Le Brun (1619-1690) | Cerveau, cervelet et nerfs crâniens de l'homme vus de côté

1852. Anatomie. Pl. 108. Dessin : Jean-Baptiste Léveillé. Gravure : Davesne.

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Révisio n Systèm e Nerveu x. SN Le système nerveux peut se diviser en 2 systèmes:

Malaise vagal

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Cranial Nerves Thanks @Andrea / FICTILIS Fraser!!

Nerfs Crâniens

When you breathe deeply into your belly, it stimulates the vagus nerve, which then sends a message to the brain telling it to make the body relax. Stress hormone production is reduced, and other physiological stress effects (like capillary constriction, muscle tension, decreased digestion, etc.) are improved as well. The result? In the moment, you feel better and in the long-term you help prevent disease.

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