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Nepenthes Miranda

Nepenthes -- Pitcher Plant. This one's hanging in my kitchen, in the skylight. Very cool plant, even when the pitchers are gone.


Pitcher Plant 'Miranda' Nepenthes

Twist - Nepenthes 'miranda' #nepenthes #carnivorousplants #plantascarnivoras #pitcherplants #nature #botanical #garden #plants by ricardodeycaza

Nepenthes x 'Miranda' - A couple of the many new pitchers. I'm so glad this one is growing well for me. by you_can_lead_a_horticulture

Miranda Velvet Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes - Carnivorous - HUGE -8" Hanging Basket

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Nepenthes Miranda


We keep all the carnivores together because they all prefer distilled water and no fertilizer. Easier to manage this way. They are amazingly adept at keeping themselves fed!

Nepenthes Miranda Pitcher Plant #carnivorousplant #carnivore #bugeater #plant #nepenthes #feedmeseymour