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On the march toward the siege lines around the town of Myitkyina, Chinese soldiers pass the bodies of dead Japanese troops killed in earlier action against Allied troops.


Lieutenant General Joseph Stilwell in a Jeep adapted for rail use Myitkyina Burma 18 July 1944.


WWII U.S. Soldier Views Japanese Who Hung Himself in Myitkyina Orig Press Photo

1944- U.S. soldier of Combat Engineer Infantry finds body of a Japanese soldier who committed suicide by hanging himself as U.S. forces entered Myitkyina, Burma.

Top Fossils of 2016

Dinosaur tail complete with its feathers trapped in a piece of amber - found on a market in Myitkyina, Myanmar, last year - showing the tip of a preserved dinosaur tail with feathers.

Myitkyina en train - Myanmar, voyage -

Attending the Kachin State Fair in Myitkyina, Myanmar

Evening market in Myitkyina, Burma

A 10-year-old Chinese soldier from a unit of the X Force, placed under Merrill and Charles N. Hunter's command, after the capture of the Myitkyina airfield.


Diana Markosian - Myitkyina, Myanmar.

A 75-mm. pack howitzer supports GALAHAD's siege operations at Myitkyina.

1945- U.S. convoy moves along the Burma-Ledo highway as it approaches Myitkyina, Burma.