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{could put multiplication in} Here are some 1st/2nd grade math word wall words/concepts along with diagrams/illustrations. Addition part+part=whole Subtraction whole-part=part symmetrical vs. non symmetrical fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 probability: most likely, equally likely, least likely doubles and halves subtraction strategies congruent vs. not congruent JEM!


L'app #SleepCycle sur l’ #iPhone installé sous l'oreiller utilise l’accéléromètre pour capter vos mouvements nocturnes et identifie vos rythmes de #sommeil et le meilleur moment pour se réveiller en phase de sommeil léger. Vous pouvez consulter un historique des graphiques avec les courbes de vos rythmes de sommeil. Les données peuvent être exportées vers l'application Santé (native) d'#iOS et #Runkeeper. #QuantifieldSelf #apps


The Quantified Student. A day in the data-driven life of the most measured and monitored students in the history of #education #datamining #bigdata

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Student Data Binder - Common Core Aligned

Let your students take charge of tracking their own progress monitoring with a student data binder. {included} - Charts that align with the Florida math standards for 2nd grade and the GO!

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Making Student Data Part of the Conversation

Making Student Data Part of the Conversation | Edutopia