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fraction wall showing halves, thirds, quarters, sixths, eighths, twelths and twenty-fourths

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Circles Loop Game - Area, Circumference, Radius, Diameter, Formulas

Students can start on any card. They will then find the answer at the top of another card and solve the problem shown there. Students will know if all answers are correct when they end up back on the first card they started on (loop). Just print out loop game, tape randomly around classroom walls, and have student groups of two or three walk around and solve. Great for discussion between students as they teach and help each other while you monitor and facilitate learning!

Da Vinci - Homme de Vitruve

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Fly on the Math Teacher's Wall: Fractions

Welcome to the Fly on the Math Teacher’s Wall blog hop!  In this recurring blog hop series, a great group of mathematics bloggers, covering all grade levels, band together to squash mathematical misconceptions.  This time around, we’re tackling fractions. The misconception I am discussing is that a larger denominator means a larger fraction. Ask a …

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Linear Function Families - Guided Notes

This product includes two pages of guided notes on linear functions. The transformations guided notes provides information on translations, vertical stretches, vertical shrinks and reflections. The linear function family guided notes provides the students a place to explore different function families. As a class, we compared the parent function to each additional function that was graphed. We discussed the slope, y-intercept and type of transformation.


Love this! Deeper, more engaging learning through inquiry-based learning. Math, literacy, arts etc.

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Lord of the Flies:Word Wall Unit

Word Walls are an important part of the Common Core classroom. Students see patterns and relationships in words when they are easily accessible in the classroom. When vocabulary is studied in context it becomes relevant to the learner. When prominently displayed in the classroom, the words on the word wall are discussed, referenced, and used in a variety of assessments.


FREE Christmas Polka Dot Calendar Numbers PDF File 3 page, downloadable file designed by Clever Classroom. Involve your students in your interactive calendar by asking them to place the date on the calendar each morning. Discuss the small Christmas images seen on the number cards.

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Data Notebook: 2nd Edition (2nd-5th)

Data Notebook: 2nd Edition (2nd-5th) PERFECT for Back to School with the setting up of expectations and creating goals! I also can't wait to bring these to our parent conferences and have the students discuss their evidence.