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3D printing has significant implications for luxury garments, shoes and bags, as well as jewellery, eyewear and watchmaking. 3D printing was born in the 1980s and has long been used for “rapid prototyping.” Now, the technology is accelerating exponentially and being employed to manufacture finished products, including fashion and luxury goods. Several reasons explain this acceleration, from the expiry of relevant patents to progress in materials science and software. Today, it is easy to…

Since 1935, Erté had occupied an apartment in the fashionable Bois de Boulogne district of Paris with a successive series of pet cats for company. Description from I searched for this on

Habillage, formes polygonales, matière, composition

Dr Charcot at " La Salpêtrière " Around 1880, medical science starts making most of technical progress in the photography area: like Muybridge, successive images represent progressive deformation on limbs and faces, and instantaneousness allows capturing the body tension on the height of physical crisis. Submissive patients are “invited” to pose in a special setting: Professor Charcot prompts real hysterical crises for the needs of the taking shots

Halloween pumpkin /lnemnyi/lilllyy66/ Find more inspiration here:

Balbec: Proust visited Trouville from 1891-1894, before discovering Cabourg's Grand Hotel.

Martin Archer Shee (1769–1850), portrait of William Charles Keppel, 4th Earl of Albemarle (1772–1849), briefly styled Viscount Bury in 1772, was a British Whig politician. In addition to managing the bloodstock of two successive Heads of State, when the horse was still a main mode of transport, the 4th Earl of Albemarle was also a leading racehorse owner of his day. As an owner, William Charles won two Classics & the Ascot Gold Cup three times in 1843, 1844, & 1845.

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Serendipity is the name of the game. You set yourself up to take advantage of things as they happen. I took my 18-135mm zoom lens, allowing me to focus on a flower or zoom across the mall without changing lenses. I set the camera on sports mode to track a moving subject and take multiple exposures. A fraction of a second apart, each successive shot can show a different expression, a different set of angles, a moment of energy.