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Michael Schoeffling (Sixteen Candles)

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16 Things You Might Not Know About "Sixteen Candles"

Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan) was so shy during his audition that he almost lost the role. But the film’s producer Michelle Manning found him so “stunning and dreamy” that they cast him.


GQ June 1983 Japan Ease Photo Michael Halsband Model Michael Schoeffling Gromming Oribe

'Jake Ryan' from Sixteen Candles 'YEAH YOU'

Michael Schoeffling: slated to be the next "it" movie star, Michael abruptly quit Hollywood to move to an obscure town in Pennsylvania to do woodworking and sell handcrafted furniture instead. Has not given an interview since 1991. No journalists has ever successfully tracked him down.


If Zombies Were Supermodels, We'd Be Them: Ultimate Babe: Michael Schoeffling


<3 Jake Ryan, Sixteen Candles <3 if only a guy like this existed!!!!