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Metalica One

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One Workplace Headquarters by Design Blitz



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GEAR. A set of two or more metal wheels with teeth / grooves which rest on the surface of the metal wheel, which transmits the movement from one shaft to another. It is called gear train. The main advantage with gear transmissions on transmission pulleys is that they don´t skid as the pulleys, with what accuracy is obtained in the transmission ratio.

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Bicycle made from recycled bike chain.-you know you want one

Bicycle made from recycled bike chain.-you know you want one.. $25.00, via Etsy.

The design chosen for the Italy Pavilion was the winning project in an international competition adjudicated by Expo 2015 in April 2013. In total, 68 architectural practices took part, but the winning design came from Nemesi & Partners in association with Proger and BMS Progetti (for the structural engineering and installations) and Prof. Livio De Santoli (for building sustainability). The pavilion is located on the Cardo, which is one of the two perpendicular axes of the Milan Expo 2015…


Instagram media by rocknfuckingroll - One year ago I subscribed here on Instagram, so uhm thanks to everybody who follows me, that's because we all appreciate this gorgeous music. I've also made some friends, some of them are very very important and always there for me. I love you all guys #metallica #band #metal #80s #90s #history #legends #kirkhammett #davemustaine #cliffburton #jasonnewsted #roberttrujillo #larsulrich #jameshetfield #fuel #entersandman #one #masterofpuppets #hitthelights