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Alors d'abord Harry potter ensuite Teen Wolf après percy jackson et le meilleur pour la fin, Once Upon A Time

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Merlin, BBC - I want this poster for my wall!!

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À Poudlard - Blog BD Harry Potter

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Merlin - stills of Colin Morgan on the set of Merlin Series 5

Les Animaux Fantastiques : premières images

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Because I love the Les Mis soundtrack too much not to pin this. And it's pretty cool. --Description by DestinyandDoom

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Morgana le Fay. She is skilled in necromancy and the ancient art of shape shifting, able to be whatever she desires. She soars through the night on raven’s wings, landing silently in your dreams to work her dark enchantments. Well versed in star craft and arcane healing powers (with knowledge gleaned from Merlin himself), she is the mistress of the mystical arts of sexuality and high magic.

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Costume d'inspiration médiévale

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Merlin- just finished watching all the episodes and now... well... I'm a mess.. a crying, shaking, blubbering mess

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