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Different wings of the characters of Maximum RIde, wish Dylan was in there!

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Fang || Maximum Ride More

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Maximum Ride - Max by ~bookworm16016 on deviantART

KEEP CALM BECAUSE IGGY HAS MORE BOMBS :D -Iggy will always have more bombs :O

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Cover of Yen Plus Magazine, featuring the Flock from Maximum Ride.

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Maximum Ride // such a great series of books. The first three were the best though.

My favorite series ever!!! I love Angel. Most of the time. more of in the first book, then I don't like her so much...

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Maximum Ride (2016)

Maximum Ride (2016) while I have hope, whatever the heck this is is probably gonna hardcore suck. They either need to get a better budget and a better cast or just don't make a movie.

Maximum Ride series by Robert Patterson < Robert Patterson??? I think you mean James Patterson...

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