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Que la lumière soit et la lumière fut ! ( La Bible ) / Fiat lux et lux fuit ! ( The Bible ) / Moine bouddhiste. / Buddhist monk.


During tough times, emotions are not reliable. Scripture trumps feelings. God is near whether you sense His presence or not. --- Max Lucado


Prayer makes a difference- because of HIM, not me.

"The highest privilege and purpose of a parent is to lead the child in the way of Christ." Max Lucado

“If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning… Face it, friend. He is crazy about you! ” - Max Lucado


"You weren't an accident. You weren't mass produced. You aren't an assembly line product. You were deliberately planned. Specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on the earth by the master craftsman." - Max Lucado

An excerpt from Before Amen by Max Lucado. Click through for more details.


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