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Max Ernst, le goût démesuré de l'énigme -

Because a man's sensitivity must often be repressed, the anima is one of the most significant autonomous complexes of all. It is said to manifest itself by appearing in dreams. (Painting: Max Ernst)..Surrealism

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Une Semaine de bonté (A Week of Kindness) by Max Ernst (German-French 1891~1976) [DADA, Surrealism]

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Les yeux du silence 1943 - MAX ERNST

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Paul Eluard, Repetitions: Dessins de Max Ernst (1922)

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max ernst | Le hasard est le maître de l'humour."(Max Ernst) > triomphe du surréalisme sur azisme ou l'ange du foyer = paradoxale car ressemble plus à un demon

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Max Ernst - The Anatomy as Bride, 1921

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Max Ernst (1923)/ Surrealism/ Unconsciousness as a valid form of reality, show the inner workings of the mind/ This image is unreal, It is a illusive form of reality

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Max Ernst "Forêt et soleil"

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Max Ernst, The elephant Celebes, 1921 Surrealism Max Ernst often re-use images, he either added or removed pictures into his artworks in order to create new realities. This painting It combines the vivid, dreamlike atmosphere of Surrealism period.

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fluidness: Max Ernst, Une semaine de bonté (1934)

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