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Marqueur Tumoral

Tumor Markers for Colorectal Cancer | OncoLink

Gynecologic Tumor Markers: Tumor Marker Overview, Cancer Antigen 125, Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Testicular Tumor Markers The difficult part about identifying cancer early, is that in the beginning, it can develop without presenting any signs or symptoms. However, there are markers which can be detected to identify cancer. These markers are substances present in the body when cancer has developed. They can be

The use of surface marker identification and classification of cells is spreading beyond lymphocytes to the identification of monocytes, macrophages, myeloid stem cells, and tumor cells. A synergistic combination of the hybridoma technology with flow cytometry is further expanding the applications of both technologies.

Our patient-derived xenograft resource represents a significant improvement over existing cancer models. Tumors engrafted into the NSG mice closely match patient tumors in histology, gene expression and genetic markers. The PDX models, which include tumor gene expression and copy number variation data, developed in collaboration with renowned medical centers throughout the U.S., support preclinical efficacy studies and early discovery research.


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