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Marqueur Tumoral

☤ MD ☞☆☆☆Tumor Markers: calcitonin (medullary thyroid CA); beta2 macroglobulin (lymphoma); S100 (melanoma, neural tumors); GFAP (glioma); 5HIAA (carcinoid tumor); TRAP (hairy cell leukemia); IgM (Multiple Myeloma); CA19-9 (pancreas, biliary).


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💉 Cito! Lab Values Medical Android App - , Quick Reference Blood Test and other Lab Values.Easy navigation. Clear tables. Short descriptions of the most common and important lab values.All values ​​are given with the international system of units (SI Units) and conventional units (US C Units).***Dear users, if you see content only in Russian please change language to English in the settings.1. Hematology values 1.1 Clinical blood analysis | Blood Test 1.2 Coagulation2. Blood…

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Tumor Marker and Clinical Applications Cheat Sheet