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Dino Rizzo, Stovall Weems, and Steven Furtick: Banking on the ARC? Why would anybody go to this pit of snakes? Are people really that gullible?


Mark Driscoll Posts an Open Letter of Apology | RELEVANT Magazine

All of us have to grapple with the fact that at times our talent can outpace our level of spiritual formation and character. 10 lessons learned from the resignation of Mark Driscoll.

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The Mark Driscoll Scholarship Fund for Women in Ministry

"The Mark Driscoll Scholarship Fund for Women in Ministry". This is just perfectly Sassy.

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Religious Provocateur and Hypocrite Pastor Mark Driscoll Tells Christians to ‘Stop the In-fighting’

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Pakistan Christians Targeted Specifically for 'Their Faith in Jesus Christ,' Says Global Anglican Leader

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Mark Driscoll and Other Narcissistic Pastors

Interesting blog post by Tim Stevens Mark Driscoll and Other Narcissistic Pastors (


What Mark Driscoll Told Brian Houston at Hillsong Conference

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Inside Mark Driscoll’s disturbed mind

"Listen up, Church: Misogyny is real. Homophobia is real. And a man this notorious for both, a man this severely disturbed, should not be in a position of leadership in a church. He needs counseling, not a pulpit. He needs discipline, not a megaphone." Rachel Held Evans blog post on the very disturbed pastor Mark Driscoll...

Mark Driscoll on Prosperity Gospel and Joel Osteen - wow! 9 minutes YouTube Yes, there are days that are very hard and painful.