Marie walewska

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Maria Łączyńska, comtesse Walewska.

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Portrait de Marie Walewska par Lefèvre

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Marie Walewska — Wikipédia

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Miniature de Marie Walewska par Isabey

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Marie Walewska " I saw no one but you, I admired no one but you, I want no one but you."-written by Napoleon Bonaparte to Marie Walewska after their first meeting. Napoleon pursued her relentlessly, sending her letter after letter to which she refused to reply. Marie, however, refused all his invitations to dinner, she returned the jewels that he sent her, claiming that 'He treats me like a prostitute.'

Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais - Miniature : Marie Walewska

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Le comte Walewski en 1855.

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Marie Walewska

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BIJOUX ET PIERRES PRECIEUSES: Bague Offerte par Napoléon à Marie Walewska

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La famille Colonna-Walewski

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