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Marie louise meilleur

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Diapo Louis de Funès "Le gendarme se marie" (1968).


Nuage Coloré — Couronne de fleurs ivoire et rose: LOUISE - Mariage


Le meilleur ami des livres de Marie Cambolieu

Marie-Louise Meilleur in 1998. Marie-Louise Fébronie Meilleur (née Chassé) (August 29, 1880 – April 16, 1998) was a French Canadian supercentenarian who, upon the death of Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, became the oldest recognized living person. Meilleur is the oldest validated Canadian ever and the fourth oldest person in history, behind Jeanne Calment, Sarah Knauss and Lucy Hannah.

Sarah DeRemer Knauss (née Clark; September 24, 1880 – December 30, 1999) was an American supercentenarian considered the world's oldest living person by Guinness World Records from April 16, 1998, the date of the death of 117-year-old Canadian Marie-Louise Meilleur, until her own death.


La Bouite

In 1976, René and Marie-Louise purchased a potato field to create the restaurant La Bouitte (which means “little house”).____________ The inspector's view: The father and son team of René and Maxime Meilleur combine their talents in this delightful restaurant. The art of invention and their love of the Savoie shine forth, epitomised by the finest ingredients, herbs picked in mountain pastures and meticulous preparation and presentation. Cosy guestrooms make the chalet a charming place to…


Marie-Louise Meilleur (August 29, 1880 - April 16, 1998) was 117 years, 230 days at the time of her death. She is the 4th verified longest lived person in history.


Compiègne Cake

Compiègne Cake - Compiègne Cake was created by Antonin Carême, in honour of the marriage of Napoleon and Marie-Louise of Austria in 1810. It wedding took place in the city of Compiègne, hence the name given to the cake. At her dinner, Queen Victoria served small sized versions of this cake, what we today would call cupcakes. I found a recipe from the era, which gives the base recipe for the dough, and then offered several variations, adding different candied fruits, etc. to the dough and as…