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Idée jeux anniversaire La Rotonde des enfants !: La police scientifique - créer sa propre enquête


Jean de La Fontaine, le défi...streaming

Condoléances : Condoléance (décès suite à une crise cardiaque) - Condoléances - ABC-Lettres par l'Obs


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16 Ways the Supreme Court Built the Police State and Destroyed Your Rights. Freedom Outpost 6-26-2014. Supreme Court Justices think you are too stupid to realize what they've been up to- NEW WORLD ORDER or WORLD GOVERNANCE they are trying to creep past you unawares. Supreme Court Justices are stupid if they think WE THE PEOPLE are not aware. WE'D KICK THEM OUT OF OFFICE IF WE COULD. WE NEED THE ONES WHO'VE PUT THEM ONTO THE BENCH TO BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR EVIL.

From 1976 until 1981, Special Agent Pistone lived undercover with the Mafia. He got so close that his Mafia partner, Lefty Ruggiero, asked him to officiate as best man at his wedding. Pistone's eventual testimony resulted in more than 200 indictments and 100 convictions of members of organised crime. ISBN 978-0451192578

Frank Joseph Caracci (October 12, 1923 – September 6, 1996) was a Louisiana businessman, nightclub owner and alleged capo of the New Orleans crime family. He was considered to be a major figure in the Marcello organization. Caracci was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1970, in a Judiciary Committee hearing he was identified as a “Cosa Nostra involved” gambler and strip club operator. Caracci was also described in a Life Magazine article as a “Marcello mobster”. He was notably the owner of…

Jackie with her niece and nephew, Anthony and Tina Radziwill in Capri, 1970. Photo by Ron Galella. "I had been following her all day, and she said to the agents, "Arrest this man." She'd left Ari's ship that morning and gone to one shop after another with her sister, Lee and Lee's children. Ari came up to me at one point and said, 'What are you doing here?' It amazed him that paparazzi could travel. That's when they called the police. They didn't go after me that time'