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Casablanca - Marcel Dalio - Humphrey Bogart Image 5 sur 45

Marcel Dalio - "La règle du jeu" (1939) - Costume designer : maison Chanel


La Règle du Jeu de Jean Renoir France, 1939, 1h52 Avec Marcel Dalio, Nora Gregor, Roland Toutain

Jean Renoir, Marcel Dalio, Nora Gregor, Marcel Meral, and Paulette Dubost, during the filming of "La Règle du Jeu" (Sam Lévin, 1939)

Jean Renoir et Marcel Dalio sur le tournage de " La Règle du Jeu " de Jean Renoir, 1939 par Lévin Sam


Marie Madeleine Berthe Lebeau (10 June 1923 – 1 May 2016) was a French film actress. She was cast in the role of Yvonne, Humphrey Bogart's jilted mistress, in Casablanca. Warner Bros. signed her to a $100-a-week contract for twenty-six weeks to be in a number of films. Her husband, Marcel Dalio, who played Emil the croupier in the same film, filed for divorce in Los Angeles during filming.. Shortly before the release of the film, Warner Bros. terminated her contract.

La Grande Illusion de Jean Renoir France, 1937, 1h54 avec Jean Gabin, Pierre Fresnay, Marcel Dalio, Eric Von Stroheim


Marie Madeleine Berthe Lebeau was a French film actress. Wikipedia Born: June 10, 1923, Antony, France Died: May 1, 2016, Estepona, Spain Spouse: Tullio Pinelli (m. 1988–2009), Marcel Dalio (m. 1939–1943)