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Electric Poles, Iceland
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Bronze Horse Greek Sculpture  By:- Thanos
Greek Bronze Horse in Gallop @piscesandfishes @sunsan @GreekMythos
Large Greek Geometric Bronze Horse, Metal Art Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Museum Quality Art, Greek Art, Ancient Greece door GreekMythos op Etsy
Awesome etruscan horse art
This stylized horse is a replica of an early Greek original. The contrast between the thin middle and thicker neck suggests to me it may have had a rider doll?? at one time.
Greek Horse Sculpture in Bronze, Equine Decor, Greek Geometric Metal Art…
Bronze Horse Sculpture
Iron Horse Sculpture | From a unique collection of antique and modern sculptures at
Replica: Etruscan brass horse. Love this! You can understand why Modern sculptors we're draw to Etruscan relics.