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Papier peint vinyle bernard-l

This is exactly what I'd want Kaydens tank to look like. Live bamboo and all. Love this.

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A homemade hermit crab habitat! Two water bowls (one fresh and one saltwater), a couple hiding places, some natural stuff for them to climb around on, a food bowl (they eat fruit!), and some shells for them to try on and play with.

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(link) World Of Hermit Crabs! - Crabitat Supplies & info ~ NICE CRABITAT ~ EXCEPT: substrate needs to be a minimum of 3x the height of tallest crab (usually min. 6") and 5:1 ratio of Play Sand & EE Coco Fiber ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit @djohnisee ~ have fun!

The most wonderful crab habitat

Tiny shells for a hermit crab to play with or inspect or do whatever a crab might like to do with a tiny seashell

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Great idea: Check out the net-wrapped chola branch cluster in the back!

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Here is my 29 gallon crabitat. It has a waterfall in the middle. To make it safe, I have it sitting on top of pottery to keep the sand from shifting and it stops the crabbies from tunneling under it. Then the fall is sitting in a tupperware bowl with big rocks surrounding it so the crabs can't tunnel in the bowl. Nice thick substrate made from play sand and Eco Earth = happy crabbies.

3D Printed Hermit Crab Shell

3D Printed Hermit Crab Shell L’artiste japonais Aki Inomata s’est amusée a imaginer des coquilles de bernard-l’ermites s’inspirant de l’a...

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Un Bernard-l’ermite prend domicile dans un légo :)

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