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1859. Deux ans avant le début de la guerre de Sécession, Sarah Brown se résigne à finir seule et passe son existence à aider les esclaves à fuir grâce à des cartes secrètes qu'elle dissimule dans ses dessins. 2014. Eden et son mari achète une maison à Charleston. Alors qu'elle visite la demeure, elle tombe sur une tête de poupée dans laquelle se trouve une mystérieuse clé.

Images of the flag of the Marion Light Infantry before (T) and after (B) conservation treatment. Flag: 4th Alabama Infantry (Co. G, Marion Light Infantry) Catalogue No. 86.4007.1 (PN16344-16346) Provenance Reconstruction: This flag was made in Marion, Alabama, and painted by Nicola Marschall. According to a letter printed in the Weekly Marion American, on July 17, 1861, this flag was sent to the Marion Light Infantry after their arrival in Virginia. The flag was donated by the ladies of…

Tennessee Secession Cockade. "Made by my mother and worn by me."

Louisian Secession Cockade Private collection of Russ Hayes

Virginia secession cockade. Special Collections Research Center, Earl Gregg Swem Library at the College of William and Mary

Henry Howe Cook- Co. D, Williamson Grays, 1st Tennessee, April, 1861. Henry Cook was 17 years old when this photograph was taken, just before leaving his home in Franklin.


Beckett K. Howell. Marine Lieutenant. The Crew of the C.S.S. Alabama.


General Stonewall Jackson's home at Clarksburg before being demolished.

4th Texas Batle Flag virginia battle flag silk pattern variant wigfall presentation flag


Bluffton South Carolina & the Hilton Head area are home to a historic tree 350-400 years old/75 feet tall known as the "Secession Oak" or "Secession Tree". Here it was discussed to secede from the Union before the Civil War. Blog post & story are fascinating!