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Mai Otome Zwei

Ukyo x Heroine, Amnesia I kinda feel for these two. They aren't my favorite but still hard to watch the one you love died over and over

Mai-Otome Zwei - OVA 4 episodes

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My-Otome anime by Hiroyuki Yoshino. A loose sequel to My-HiME that takes place in the distant future. A story of a young girl named Arika Yumemiya who goes to Garderobe Academy to pursue her dream to become an Otome like her mother. The sequel, My-Otome Zwei, chronicles life after Arika graduates from Garderobe Academy and become full-fledged Otome. The prequel, My-Otome 0~S.ifr~, chronicles the events that happen to Arika's mother, Lena Sayers.