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King John and the Magna Carta By Dr Mike Ibeji

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Amazing! Original Magna Carta Copy Found in Scrapbook

This previously overlooked Magna Carta belonging to the Sandwich Town Council was discovered in archives in Kent.

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What is the Magna Carta and why there is a Google Doodle?

King John signing the Magna Carta. This illustration looks like it's from a…

Meeting at Runnymede The Story of King John and Magna Carta (Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936) King John (Lackland) was a bad king. At least, that’s how history remembers him. According to legend, he gave...

Magna Carta octocentenary page - Neil Bromley

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Magna Carta: Eight Centuries of Liberty

King John, pressured by English barons, reluctantly signs Magna Carta, the ‘Great Charter,’ on the...


The 25 Barons appointed to enforce the Magna Carta


Helios Ryuad Rune Sirat - Characters & Art - Magna Carta


The Magna Carta, the first written constitution, was sealed by King John in June 1215. It set limits on the powers of the king, laid out feudal obligations of barons, confirmed liberties of the Church and granted rights to all free men of the realm and their heirs forever.