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Magna Carta explained to kids. Great summary for ages 5 - 10. King John and the Magna Carta Illustration

Magna Carta, the English charter in which King John guaranteed certain civil liberties to England’s powerful feudal barons, was reissued by every new king at least once between the first version in 1215 and the final edition in 1297 which remains on the books to this day.


Horrible Histories Song - Magna Carta 800 Years - CBBC


Neat video by a history teacher on history of England and Magna Carta Video. Cycle 2 week 4. He starts out with the first king that united England and the ensuing battles. Very educational.


King John and the Magna Carta - Middle Ages for Kids

Skipton Castle Free Childrens Activity Sheets for Schools

Livre 2, chapitre 12, page 175 : la Magna Carta, (dernière version de 1225 par…

We see the Magna Carta is the birth of our democracy. This is a great exercise for children in Years 5 and 6 to write their own rules for school or home, and create their very own democracy!