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columnar basalt on the icelandic coast Séjour insolite. Version Voyages…

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°Pahoehoe Lava - One of the more interesting types of pahoehoe lava is called ropey pahoehoe & looks like a series of twisted ropes spaced evenly along the ground. The twisted ropes may be fairly straight, or may loop & wind in & out much like a fingerprint.

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Trapped steam beneath a river of lava accumulates a tremendous amount of pressure until it escapes in an instantaneous explosion of a lava, causing a rare lava bubble. Hawaii

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Un photographe prend de la lave une météorite la voie lactée et la lune dans la même image 2Tout2Rien

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Liquid Hot Magma #surface #texture

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Mon Quotidien - Le fonctionnement d'un volcan

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coulée INFERnale

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