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Macbeth roman polanski

Macbeth - Roman Polanski, 1971 - extrait (p71)


romanbymarta: “ Roman Polanski on the set of ‘Macbeth’. ”

Macbeth (1971) by Roman Polanski

romanbymarta: “ Roman Polanski, Francesca Annis & Jon Finch on the set of ‘Macbeth’ ”

Roman Polanski, Francesca Annis & Jon Finch present their film Macbeth at The Cannes Film Festival, 13th May 1972.


roman polanski's macbeth


Macbeth Poster Movie French 11 x 17 In

Macbeth deciphered the witches' prophecies incorrectly, thinking he was invincible. This resulted in his recklessness, and therefore, his decapitation.


Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 5, lines 17-28) Image a still from Roman Polanski's film version of the play