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My Vision

In Greek mythology, Thalia (“thuh-LYE-uh”) is one of the nine Muses who inspire poets and musicians to create their art. In the Seattle music world, Thalia (founded in 1949 and, since 2010, conducted by Stephen Rogers Radcliffe) has specialized in music from the mid-19th century to the present, featuring new works and rediscovered classics. The symphony opens its 2012-13 season at Town Hall with a concert featuring Ron Patterson, violin, and Rosana Patterson, viola.

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Lye Town F.C - Midland League

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Water Whirler, Wellington, New Zealand

I have a dream

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Lye - Christ Church, High St, Lye © Pat Hughes

The Ely Testament (Cathedral Mysteries) #PhillipGooden. "When Mr Lye, an elderly partner at Tom Ansell's law firm, drops dead at his desk, Tom is dispatched to Ely to search for Mr Lye's will at Phoenix House, the home of his brother, Ernest. At the same time, Tom's wife Helen has been commissioned by "New Moon "magazine to write a piece on a town with 'inner beauty' - and what better place than Ely? But shortly after they arrive at Phoenix House, their host is arrested for murder

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Lye - Rhodes Buildings, High St, Lye © Pat Hughes

"I'm thankful for Minnesota Scandehoovian Humor, and for my hysterically funny new friend from Norway! Lutefisk is a piece of dried and salted cod, soaked in LYE(!!!) and left to form a gelatinous blob that smells like the town dump. Then it's time to eat it...hungry yet? " JoAnn from NJ 7.8.2012 #365Grateful

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