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Lycée Simone De Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir. Lycée Montgrand, Marseille, où elle était professeur de Philosophie. Années 1930. Photo: Collection Simone de Beauvoir.


Simone de Beauvoir (forth from left in the second row) with her students and fellow teachers at lycée Jeanne D’Arc, Rouen, 1933. [Olga Kosakievicz is first from left in the bottom row.]

avec Bianca Bienenfeld - L’his­toire avait commencé dans l’ef­fer­ves­cence, en 1937, lors de la rentrée scolaire au lycée Molière...

Inge Sargent, author of "Twilight Over Burma" a fascinating book, read the synopsis on my book board. She was studying abroad met another foreign student and it wasn't after they married she found out he was a Burmese prince. He was taken in the overthrow of the government by the military and never heard from again. She managed to escape with her two young daughters, and she was the German teacher at my high school in Boulder, Colorado for many years. A fascinating and courageous woman.

My french teacher Mme. Theisen in high school was always telling me to read this book. It inspired her to change her classroom/the world


Rita Mae Brown writes the Sister Jane series about fox hunting. She is the Hunt Master of Oak Ridge Fox Hunt Club in Nelson County, Virginia. I have spent many a Sunday chasing through the woods with the club. Tally ho!!