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Lutte Jo Francais

Isabelle Sambou, 35 ans, est le grand espoir de l'Afrique pour obtenir une médaille en lutte aux JO de Rio. A 35 ans, la sportive sénégalaise…


L'Equipe de France olympique aux JO de Turin - Album photo Médailles françaises Sandra Laoura

Les français aux JO de Londres : Jour 5 & 6


Historique de la savate boxe française et de la canne d'arme

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ADRIAAAAAN – Alexis Vastine, le boxeur maudit aux JO

Alexis Vastine.


Kim Jae Bum. I would never make fun of this guys name. He's in my weight category and I value my life.


Fight hard, laugh harder. This is what works for us. Mr. French and I are ridiculously passionate (emotional) people. If we keep things inside, our relationship suffers. We argue and fight, but always in a respectful way. More importantly, we laugh. I married Mr. French because he was the first man I ever met that made me laugh until I cried...and he still does. -- Traci French