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5 exercices de sport à faire chez soi pour tonifier son corps

2 – Mixer cardio et renforcement musculaire avec les fentes


10 week workout plan by guadalupe


One-Minute Bikini-Booty Challenge: Split Lunge Jumps-46 need to domore

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Obtén el trasero de tus sueños en sólo 5 movimientos

traseroejercicios Hazlos dos días sí y uno no, 3 series de 15 repeticiones cada una y verás los resultados


#bbgweek11 legs / #👊🏻👊🏻🐔🍴 day 71: SO. MANY. SQUATS. AND. JUMPS. What the heckkk @kayla_itsines?!?! 😭 Today was the sort of work out where, when it's all over, you just flop on your mat gasping for air for a good 5m 💀 Jump lunges: starting w 50 is no freaking joke. Did 30 in a row today tho! 25 on my second try 💪🏻 Can really feel how much my stamina has improved 🙂 Split squats: I'm able to go quicker these days, cuz my balance has gotten better. But it also means I'm exerting more

19.7 - Full Body! This is a more advanced workout with some challenging (but awesome!) exercises. You will need a set of dumbbells and a pull up bar. For Part 1, complete 10 rounds (5 minutes) of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest of Jump Lunges. You can modify this by doing traditional Lunges or Split Squats. If you do Split Squats, make sure you switch off sides to work both legs 😊 Part 2 starts with Dumbbell Squat Thrusters, into Bodyweight/Air Squats, finishing off each round with some…

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Improving running speed with plyometrics


Looking to build up your posterior chain? Whether it's to improve your lifts or improve the fit of your jeans, a strong posterior chain is a good thing. Here are 6 of the best exercises.