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Talbot Hughes (1869-1942) - Lily Elsie in The merry widow, 1908

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Edwardian couturière and Titanic survivor Lady Duff Gordon, aka Lucile, c. 1927 with her dog

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The Dollar Princess

Lily Elsie in a Lady Duff Gordon creation

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*TITANIC: Edwardian couturière and Titanic survivor Lady Duff Gordon, aka Lucile, c. 1912

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Norma Talmadge, Way of a Woman, 1919

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Blue figured silk evening dress with gold net sleeves and train embroidered in gold metal strip and decorated with blue gems and tassels, 1911.Worn by Esme Giffard (née Wallace), daughter of Lucile, to celebrate the Coronation of King George V in 1911 and later altered for a Ball in 1919

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The Gordons boarded a lifeboat early in the sinking. Their lifeboat departed the ship with just 12 or so people aboard. After watching the ship sink, amidst the screams of the 1,500 people calling for help that they were ignoring, the tactless Lucy commented to her secretary, "There is your beautiful nightdress gone." Two sailors commented "It's all right for you, you can get more clothes, but we have lost everything." Cosmo then gave the men a "fiver" each ($360.00 today) to help them out.

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Coat Lucille, 1920s The Chicago History Museum ~ Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon had founded the House of Lucile in London by 1894. Additional branches later opened in New York, Paris, and Chicago. Lucile was known for its use of exotic motifs and silhouettes. This coat from the Paris branch reflects the taste for chinoiserie in French fashions around 1923. Overcoat, ca. 1923. Silk brocade, ribbon and velvet, fur. Lucile, Ltd., France. Gift of Mr. Richard Stevens. 1990.390

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Talbot Hughes (1869-1942) - Lily Elsie in The merry widow, 1908

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