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Louise Chéruit


Louise Chéruit, known as Madeleine Chéruit (1866-1955) She helped pave the way for female fashion designers, becoming one of the first women to control a major French fashion house, at the turn of the century. Chéruit got her start working as a dressmaker at Raudnitz & Cie House of Couture in the late 1880s then took over the salon. She helped launch the career of Paul Poiret by supporting his designs, won the praise of Vogue, and was one of the few couture houses that remained open during…


André Edouard Marty 1921 Premet, Jenny, Doeuillet, Lanvin, Beer, Poiret, Doeuillet, Worth, Chéruit, Drecoll, Madeleine & Madeleine, Evening Gown

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Ball gown, by Raudnitz and Co. - Huet and Chéruit, c. 1905, at the ...

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paintingispoetry: Paul César Helleu, Madame Chéruit  detail, ca. 1900


Haute Couture


Madame Louise Chéruit[1] (1866-1955)

"Theatre Costume, Sin, Impératrice de Chine" designed by Madame Louise Chéruit; illustrated by Jean Gabriel Domergue, 1921