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Chicken Coop - For the Cats' Litter trays to go outside.

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Potty Train a Guinea Pig

Potty Train a Guinea Pig Step 3 Version 2.jpg

De mignons mini-cochons d'inde à crocheter, que demander de plus pour la rentrée? Les enfants vont adorer ces amigurumis et vous n'aurez pas à changer leur litière.


c& c cage with beds made of corner "litter trays" with fleece covering and maxi pads underneath to absorb (and yes, I have tried uhaul pads too)

1 - Fleece Cage Bedding Liners for Guinea Pig Cages, C&C Cages, Accessories

The bedding in this picture is pine chips, the chewing log and pigloo is to provide more dark area. There is also hay and bamboo inside the area.

This is my guinea pig her name is Daisy she was abused her nails are long she would bite me when I touched her she would have spazzes when I try to pick her up she would bite me she had no food or water no litter no family to care for her. When I got her from the family they're giving her away for free I knew something was up but I didn't know?? And I still don't she wouldn't let me touch her that's my story if something like this has happened then like this post

Sweet Candy... - Guinea Pig Cage Photos